Production and management activities will have different degrees of impact on social economy, technology and environment. On the basis of a proper balance of interests, they should shoulder their social responsibilities and do their utmost to contribute to the well-being of the global society and the long-term development of mankind. In order to clarify the principle and direction of our social responsibility, the social responsibility criteria are as follows:
一、 质量保障
1 每一工序、每一部件、每一文件、每一言行的品质必须少保证让下序和客户都满意。
2 主动参与我们产品性能和生产流程的持续改进
3 从不回避错误,及时纠正错误,并主动采取避免错误再次发生的有效措施
4 毫无保留地提出任何有益于质量提高的建议和批评,并督促和追踪相关部门及时采纳、直改进完毕
5 工作规范有序,并始终保持本岗位的清洁卫生
First, quality assurance work quality is the fundamental guarantee of product quality, in order to implement the quality criteria, our staff must maintain the following quality every day: 1 each process, each part, each document, every word and deed quality must be less guaranteed to make the next order and customer satisfaction. 2. Actively participate in the continuous improvement of our product performance and production process; 3. Never avoid mistakes, timely correct mistakes, and take the initiative to avoid the recurrence of mistakes; 4. And always maintain the cleanliness of the post
二、 环境准则
1 我们尽可能减少废物排放
2 我们依法妥善处理生产废料、废水、废气
3 我们要求供应商遵守相关环境法律法规,尽可能使用可回收、绿色、节能、无害物料,产品尽可能减少噪音污染、延长使用寿命
To reduce pollution and improve the environment is an environmental standard, but also a social responsibility! 1. We try our best to reduce waste discharge; 2. We properly handle production waste, waste water and waste gas according to law; 3. We require suppliers to comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations, use recyclable, green, energy-saving and harmless materials as far as possible, and reduce noise pollution and prolong service life of products